Let’s Canvass in HD53 for Leslie Bonebreak (endorsed)
Bonebreak for House District 53
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Let’s Canvass in HD53 for Leslie Bonebreak (endorsed)

Let’s Canvass in HD53 for Leslie Bonebreak (endorsed)


Come help us get out the vote for OROK board member Leslie Bonebreak who is running in HD 53.

It has been proven by far that the most effective way to turn out voters is with high-quality, face-to-face conversations. If you have been wanting to get involved and help this campaign, this is how!

If you are new to canvassing and would like to shadow someone until you get comfortable with it, or be a driver for a canvasser we can facilitate that for you.

If you plan on attending please sign up here:

Contact Courtney Hurst 405-301-0581 with any questions.

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