Alex Scott for Norman City Council – Ward 8
Bonebreak for House District 53
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Alex Scott for Norman City Council – Ward 8

Alex Scott for Norman City Council – Ward 8

A candidate who is in a run off who we need to get the vote out on April 3rd, her birthday, in Norman ward 8. We hope to knock your door this month. Please donate to her campaign. Alex Scott is an intelligent candidate who will make a very active and considerate council person.

Alex Scott for Norman City Council – Ward 8

An Oklahoma Native, Alex Scott graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a B.A. in Classical Studies and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Administration with an emphasis on Non-Profit Management. Alex’s passion for politics came about when she was completing her undergradutate degree and serving in the Student Government Association at OU where she became familiar with parliamentary procedure, and the policy making process at the university. During her time teaching Latin in public school, Alex became involved with the Oklahoma Education Association and was very active in the union. Scott was trained at the National Education Association’s annual leadership summit to be an advocate and activist for educational policy changes, and applied her training through canvassing, conducting listening tours, and lobbying legislators. She became regularly involved with state elections and working with candidates. Alex has spent much of her time knocking on doors, speaking to tax payers one-on-one, encouraging them to let their voices be heard. Scott loves to bring people together, so she enjoys organizing community events such as cookouts and debates; she hopes to bring more community engagement activities, like Art Walk and Summer Breeze to Ward 8.

Alex married her best friend, Kalynn Scott, on February 29th, 2016. Kalynn has worked for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation as a Civil Engineer for 5 years and he has been involved with several projects in the Norman area during that time. The Scotts have been home owners in Ward 8 for two years and are in the process of starting a small business in the area. Aside from working full-time, starting a business, and completing their respective graduate programs at the University of Oklahoma, Alex and Kalynn enjoy spending quality time with friends, family, and their dogs. When the Scotts are not travelling the world they are volunteering in their community and looking for ways to improve their quality of life.

Alex is energetic and excited for an opportunity to serve the tax payers of Ward 8. If elected, Scott would like to host bi-monthly, public forums in order to inform the people of local projects, as well as gather information from the public to ensure that their concerns are addressed. She is eager to begin working on changes she would like to see in the community, but is more interested in feedback from her constituents. Above all, Alex seeks to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for Ward 8 while cultivating a prosperous environment for current and future generations.

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