OROK Bernstorm for SQ788 & Membership Meeting
Bonebreak for House District 53
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OROK Bernstorm for SQ788 & Membership Meeting

If you are interested in SQ 788, there is an event this evening discussing the benefits of of bringing medical cannabis to our state. The focuses are many. Instant revenue to fund our cash strapped state. It’s something people do anyways that is safe. Let’s tax it and quit filling our jails with people who partake. Prohibition doesn’t work for the citizens.

It allows an option for people to treat their own conditions, from depression to cancer. Today, people who are heavily insured still can not afford to see a doctor or buy their prescriptions due to unregulated pricing from insurance companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Let’s give them every viable option of treatment, especially when the purchase can go straight back into our community.

This event will train canvassers across the entire metro. Walking and knocking is how we get people involved in changing our government from one that serves corporations and the elitists to one that works for you and I. It is an opportunity to knock and talk to people about policy and not a candidate. A very interesting and easy policy to talk about too. We have the tools, let us teach you how to use them.

https://www.facebook.com/events/788233044711568/?ti=icl The first quarterly membership meeting of 2018 will feature an organizing rally on SQ 788, the grassroots initiative to legalize medical marijuana in Oklahoma. Members of Patients and Activists for 788 and Oklahomans for Cannabis will give updates on their campaign, answer questions, and most important, get us fully engaged in garnering widespread voter turnout in support of the measure, which will be on the June 26, 2018, ballot. We are calling this our Bernstorm for 788 and we will use the organizing model from the 2016 campaign to get everyone signed up to help in whatever way they can.

There will also be reports from our committees on their work since the last membership meeting, and some resources on the campaigns and candidates that will be on our ballots this year.

Don’t miss it! Reserve your space now. Register here:

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